Got selected to participate in Akumal art festival, a yearly festival that improves the town of Akumal by creating murals everywhere. More than 500 artists from around the world have participated and every year they change most of the murals, given that Akumal is a beach town in the south of Mexico and the rain and salty atmosphere degrades the murals really quickly. My peace was inspired in Guatemalan traditions, and depicts a world where humans and nature can coexist with each other.

Size 9mt x 7mt

Year: 2022


Commissioned by the construction company “Area Superficies” to make a mural in their offices. This commission was completly free, the client liked my little monsters so much that he was fine with me doing whatever I wanted, so I put a saying that refers to both personal development and construction and a little monster that is pulling you up… gotta stand where the fingers are to be part of the mural!

Size: 7mt x 3mt

Year: 2022

The Alley Project – Chicago

While in Chicago, I got invited to paint in the Alley project, a project ran by some of the neighbors in this area, wanting to create something beautiful in the back alleys of they homes, where most of the trash is dumped. This alley hosts more than 20 artists from around the world, trying to make the city better with a little bit of their art.

Size: 2.5mt x 2mt

Year: 2021

Crepe Shop – Chicago

Mural done for The Crepe Shop in Chicago. Trying a new style here, where the background and the top design could be a separate thing, they both work well on themselves but together they create something between abstract and figurative, a combination of both worlds, giving the viewer something fun and understandable to perceive but something fluid and abstract as well.

Size: 7mt x 4mt

Year: 2021