The Birth of Gaia

Selected to participate in Graffiti Queens Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was a fun festival, the first all women Festival I participated in. Brazil had such a beautiful energy, I met so many nice, talented, women in this trip and the Festival had such a different vibe… working along women made me feel safe, empowered and gave me hope to whatever comes. I have no doubt that the future is female…we need more female role models, leaders… Our society need equilibrium and we will not reach it unless we work together to change the status quo… It is possible!!!

Collab with Mura

Size: 5 x 6mt

Year: 2019


Mural painted for V8 Hotel in zone 4, Guatemala City. I was selected along other 20 Guatemalan muralists to decorate the rooms, halls, and common spaces of the new renovated hostel. It was very fun to go back to painting with acrylics and brushes on the wall, after you try spray paint you don’t want to switch back but once in a while it feels good to make lines slowly and paint bit by bit!!

Size: 2mt x 2.5 mt

Year: 2021

Technique: Acrylics

Alux – Festival Matices


Mural done for “Festival Matices”… A fully organized and accomplished festival by women for women in Guatemala. This has been one of my favorite festivals and the first one I have been involved from start to finish. I helped organized this festival with 10 other amazing and powerful women who not only love street art but are pro-women and want to change the way women are seen and treated in our country.

My piece for the festival was inspired in the Aluxes, it is said that the Alux are magical beings that protect the forest and it’s inhabitants. A legend from Guatemala that makes me dream and feel safe whenever in the forest or jungle and I wanted this part of the city to be protected with one of this magical beings.

Size: 9mt x 3 mt

Year: 2020



I was commissioned by Pig Brothers restaurant in Mixco, Guatemala to make a mural in their main dining area. They serve chicken, beef and pork so I did a trio of braniacs, one coming out of the other… I really liked the result of this one!

Size: 3mt x 5 mt

Year: 2020

Peace is the way

Mural done as part of a project with the Collective “Niñas Furia” and “Jovenes contra la Violencia”. I love working with the community on murals and this was no exception. We painted a short wall on the main basketball court of a town called Peronia. This is a red zone in Guatemala so I decided to work on a design that talked about peace and community and so I chose a quote from Ghandi as the center… “There is no road towards peace, peace is the way”. We finished the mural in around 3 hours with the help of 20 women and children from the community.

Size: 24mt x 1 mt

Year: 2020


Commissioned to paint a mural for INRESA, a company that sells photography and technology products. Their brief was to do something fun in tones of reds and greys which go with their logo so this is what I came up with… It was fun to do a double wall, paint outside the elevator and then inside!!!

Niños de Guatemala

I love collaborations with organizations that work towards change. For this mural I worked with Niños de Guatemala in one of their schools. This organization works towards providing education to under privileged kids in Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepequez. They contacted me to make a happy mural in their dining area and I came up with this funny eat your veggies monster!! We have a saying in Spanish that goes “Full belly, happy heart” so I added that in a corner. Another wall painted with acrylics.

Size: 6mt x 3mt

Year: 2020

GAIA – Street art Festival

Selected out of more than 90 proposals to participate in Torrefarrera – Street art Festival in Spain. This has been the tallest mural so far and the first time in a lift!!! it was a fun time!! The festival was organized pretty well, they gave the artists accommodation and three meals and all the materials we needed to guarantee the best possible mural… I want more of these type of festivals in my life.

Size: 6mt x 9mt

Year: 2019