Sign Language Alphabet

Commissioned by Lavosi in Jocotenango, Guatemala to design a cool sign language alphabet… Before knowing them I didn’t know that every country has it’s own sign language alphabet and in Guatemala there are even some variations depending on region….This makes it really hard to communicate if you leave your neighborhood!!! Anyway… another fun project.

White Goat Coffee

Commissioned by White Goat Coffee in Canada to design a banner for their outdoor business. They import coffee from Guatemala and wanted me to merge Guatemala and Canada in the background. Another project I really enjoyed working on.

Semillas de Amor

Commissioned by Semillas de Amor in Guatemala to design an illustration that they could use in different products to fundraising. Semillas de Amor is an orphanage that takes pretty good care of around 15 children, giving them the best education possible, a great place to live, and giving them love and care… I know the children in here and they are doing pretty good, I wish all the orphanages were like this one. I did a lino cut for them so they could stamp some cards and then they used the art for t-shirts and stickers..

Sofar Sounds – Antigua Gt

In 2018 I went to a Sofar Sounds concert in Guatemala City and I loved the dynamic… cozy atmosphere, small group, everybody paying attention to the music… No drunks… so I joined the newly formed team in Antigua Guatemala… For a year we did some pretty cool events, until we all got tired and had other projects coming our way… A great year for music, got to know a lot of amazing Guatemalan musicians and worked along a pretty cool team. I designed one of the posters and graphics for social media for one of the events.

Manual – INAB

Commissioned to design an informative manual for INAB (National Institute for the protection of forests) in Guatemala. This was an intensive three months project, working with personnel from the government… tough job to work with the government here but somehow we pulled it off and delivered on time!!! Designed two manuals, one for participants and the other for facilitators and a brochure.

Scarf Pattern – Rochen

Commission by Rochen, a silk scarfs brand that showcases guatemalan illustrators. For this project I chose to work around a very popular kids game in latin America, “El Trompo”… I remember my primary school days with this toy, fun times, when kids had no ipads and you spent all your spare time mastering games just to show off with your friends the next day. Those were the times!!!