Duality: Hot Summer and Cold Winter


In the breathtaking display of “Duality,” two masterpieces intertwine, each encapsulating the essence of a distinct season and its accompanying weather, weaving a mesmerizing tale of contrasts and harmony. These two pieces relate to self and how we sometimes become opposites of the same person, we are two or many, we have many faces and personalities that arise when needed, when the weather permits.


Técnica: Acrílicos

Medio: Plywood

Precio: Q1,200.00 c/u  – Biptico: Q2,200,00 (Listas para colgar, No incluye envío)


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In “Hot Summer,” blazing red and orange hues surround a joyful central character, reveling in the season’s warm embrace. Blooming flowers add to the exuberance, hinting at the transient nature of summer’s delight.

Conversely, “Cold Winter” captivates with serene turquoise and purples. The central character, once jubilant, now stands amidst winter’s chill. Two versions of the character depict the contrast between warmth and coldness, while blooming winter flowers evoke hope amidst the frost.

Together, these artworks embody the paradoxical beauty of duality, celebrating the cycles of life and seasons.

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Hot Summer, Cold Winter, Biptych