Hey! welcome to my site. I´m just a weird girl passionate about drawing. I started developing quirky characters in 2004 when I started working for a Norwegian Magazine called Under Dusken. My illustrations are character driven inspired by people that cross my path, they are usually strangers I see in the street, at work or friends of friends, basically everybody is a potential character in my world.

Born in Guatemala, lived in Norway, in New York City, Kenya and now living temporarily in Taiwan. I illustrate and paint weird characters with a very humorist side. I have exhibited in Guatemala, Oslo, London, Ontario, California, New York, Brooklyn, Long Island City, California, Baja California, Mombasa, Berlin and Taipei.

I am also one of the founding members of El Chiltepe, an on-line magazine that showcases new and innovate work by a variety of international artists and aimed for Latin Americans. I am also part of BC Colectivo where Guatemalan photographer Chinitas Yon and I  create installations, videos and mixed media art exploring  society and the social issues around it.

If you like what I do share and if you want to adopt one of my orphans contact me, I´ll be happy to hear from you.