Seven Degrees of separation

Technique: Acrylics over Wood

Size: 150cm diameter

Price: ON SALE Q3,750 / $500 (Only to be delivered in Guatemala)

Price: ON SALE Q6,000 / $830 (Get both and get more discount)

An Exploration of the way we are all connected in some way. Four persons, five, six, seven… it doesn’t matter how many, sooner or later we tie the knots and realize we were going to meet anyway. Here and there, now or then, if we are meant to cross paths we will.

Photo 26-07-2017, 10 28 47 PM 2017-07-11 11.13.59-1 Photo 13-07-2017, 12 33 54 AM 2017-10-15 19.35.13-1 2017-10-15 19.35.13-2

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