I sure love working on installations and every time I get a big gig where installation is involved I work with my partner in crime Kah Yan Chinitas Yon, whith whom we formed the art collective “BC Colectivo”. This time we were commissioned to do an installation for Chinese New Year at Dadaocheng’s Dihua Street, one of the oldest areas in Taipei. The commission was to do something with traditional items and we decided to use Chinese umbrellas, loofahs and rice driers to create a new character, the “Goat-Dragon”. Goat because this is the year of the Goat and Dragon because it was elevated and we wanted it to look like it was flying and which better character than the dragon to give this effect. In total we used 60 umbrellas, around 200 loofahs and 10 rice dryers. The rice dryers were painted like big faces and placed at the beginning and the end of our installation simulating guardians protecting the Goat-Dragon. The loofahs were wrapped in bunches and put together with the guardians simulating flowers, like the entrance to the Goat-Dragon’s home in the sky. It took us one whole week and two days of installation to finish, take a look at some of the process and installation in the photos below!

BCColectivo_Goat1BCColectivo_Goat5BCColectivo_Goat2BCColectivo_Goat3BCColectivo_Goat4And this is the final result at night and during the day!

BCColectivo_Goat6BCColectivo_Goat7Thanks to Esponja, Puzzle, Jen and Pinchi who helped us with the installation.

Dates: Feb 4 to Feb 17 2015

Venue: Dihua Street.


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