Once again Red Room Taipei organized “Artists Break the Mold”, live music, live painting and art auction and once again I’m one of the artists participating. I just love painting and this events make me paint so I was really exited to be painting with all these talented artists from all over the world. The event started at 10am and finished at 7pm, meaning 9 hours of non-stop painting. Well, stopping here and there to mingle and eat something but it was really kinda non-stop. We all had to finish our paintings there no matter the size of your canvas so I had to hurry and because I seldom paint on canvas it took me a while to get used to it but after a while I got the hang of it and kept going until I finished. I decided to paint one of my “Love is in the air” collection pieces and added some of my wood Scrabble letters I still have lying around. Take a look at the process and final piece.




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